Happy Birthday Snickers!

Today’s post is a little different, my puppy Snickers will be celebrating his 1st birthday on Friday, and even though Red Letter has a wedding this weekend and I won’t be throwing a big shindig I didn’t want to let his first birthday to go by unnoticed. Planning a family pet party sounds like a lot of work but unlike human celebrations the ideal doggie party only lasts 1 hour, so this can be a fun, easy party to plan. I was pleasantly surprised to find there is SO much out there regarding canine birthday celebrations.  Dogbirthdayandparties is a great resource for all things doggie party related like making dog cakes and planning events that are fun for both the birthday boy or girl and their human and dog friends. 

As we have been in training class since Snickers was 6 months old I was glad to see that activities that are recommended for the party included using obedience “games”  such as which dog can sit the longest, which dog is fastest for comes when called.  I also love the idea that in lieu of gifts asking your guests to bring a new toy or blanket that can be donated to a local shelter. 

If you want someone else to plan your party many of the dog daycares and independent pet stores will host the party for you. And yes in case you were wondering Red Letter Event Planning is available to help you plan your pet’s next party! For Snickers 1st birthday we are going to get him a specially decorated birthday cookie at our favorite pet store Krisers , going to the Glenview Barkinglot West Park and spending some quality time with him and his flying squirrel frisbee. 

However next year when he is 2, these cute invitations from Barktalk, may force me to throw a birthday party!

Happy 1st Birthday Snickerdoodle Bruns!

Till next time hope your next special event is a Red Letter Day!


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