A ‘Charming’ Custom

One of my favorite things about weddings are the traditions that go from generation to generation, the something blue or the something borrowed.  While some of these traditions have stayed in our collective conscious some have fallen away such as the Cake Charm Pull, a practice dating back to the Victorian era.  Very popular down south this is a fun and whimsical custom that any bride to be can incorporate into their party planning from Chicago to LA! 

Traditionally the cake charm pull was done at the wedding reception.  But we suggest holding it during a bridesmaid luncheon or wedding shower.  I personally participated in one as a bridesmaid in my friend Amy’s wedding.  She had a cake charm pull at her maid’s pre-rehearsal spa party, what was my fortune? You will have to read on to find out!

 Silver charms can be found at Weddingcakecharms.com and lollysmith.com, as well as many other online locations.  The charms are placed into the cake after it is baked but before it is iced  with attached ribbons that are left exposed. You can also place the charms on the bottom layer of a tiered cake and cover them with the second tier.  I personally love this bundt cake version, as it looks delicious and perfect for a bridesmaid tea.

A Bundt Cake Charm Cake


So how do you get started?  Pick out charms that represent you and your friends, gather your gals around you have them choose a ribbon and  pull!   It is a really nice touch to provide each lucky recipient with a card explaining the meaning of their charm.  Also consider gifting your bridesmaids a charm bracelet to add their charm too.

Some common charms and their meaning include:

  • heart for true love
  • ring/wedding bells for upcoming engagement,
  • clover/shamrock /horseshoe for luck
  • flower for growing love
  • wishing well for wishes granted
  • anchor/airplane/ship’s wheel/Eiffel Tower/hot air balloon for travel and adventure
  • highchair/ baby carriage for children
  • purse for good fortune
  • picture frame for happy life
  • lighthouse for safe harbor
  • Butterfly for eternal beauty
  • Star for  make a wish, it will come true!
  • Fleur-de-Lis for Love and Prosperity

Feel free to personalize the charm and the meaning. Are you having a beach wedding? Why not replace the butterfly with a shell charm.

So what wish did I pull?  The Anchor, and yes I have had an abundance of adventure! Even more importantly I have a charm I will keep forever, from a friends most important time in her life, that is what I call a Charming keepsake!

Till next time I hope your next special event is a “Red Letter Day”