Meet Gentlemint, a Guy’s Pinterest

I love Pinterest, I find it inspiring, creative and just downright fun.  I have really enjoyed finding great pins and seeing them repinned by brides to be and even current and former Red Letter brides!  I imagine many newly engaged and soon to be engaged woman pinning away day and night, while their significant other wonders, what are they doing?

Well guys you are no longer on the outside looking in, there is now Gentlemint, a manly version of Pinterest where you Tack instead of Pin.  I just applied for my invite but I promise I won’t tack  peonies, veils or DIY wedding projects. (wink)

So far the biggest difference I have seen is the aesthetic however creativity is in the eye of the beholder and honestly, the Felted Guinness Beer Soap (see below) would make a great groomsmen gift- guess I need to make  a best of Gentlemint board on Pinterest!

A popular "tack" on Gentlemint

Till next time I hope your next celebration is a “Red Letter Day”


  1. I checked out this website and it will be very interesting to see if it catches on. I don’t think Pinterest is inherently girly. It just so happens that this is the demographic that has adopted it. I wonder if this means that Gentlemint does not have an audience. Or perhaps it just means that Pinterest originally became popular with women, so now when men go on there and see wedding spaces, event decor, and cupcakes they get scared away :) Time will tell

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