Wedding Vocabulary

DIY, ,MOH, STD what do all of these mean?  When you started your wedding planning I bet you didn’t know you would have to learn a whole new vocabulary.  Here is a quick guide to wedding jargon.

DIY, this acronym is most popular among the wedding set. It stands for Do It Yourself, sentences it can be used in include: “I am a DIY Bride”, “I intend to DIY my flowers”, And my personal favorite, “DIY is not always easy or less expensive.”

MOH, she is your rock, your shoulder to cry on and your confidante, I am of course talking about your Maid or Matron of Honor.  And please tell your groom to pronounce it M-O-H not MOE.

STD, a Mother of the Bride (ooh another acronym MOB) once saw me mention this in an email and she was scandalized because I wrote, Megan’s STD is coming next week.  An STD is a Save the Date, usually sent out about a year or more before the wedding date. And really it SHOULD have a better acronym.

OOT-No, this isn’t the word “out” in a Canadian accent, it stands for Out of Town, can be modified using the nouns Guests, Gift Bags or Wedding.

FOG, MOG, MOB, FOB, as you saw above MOB refers to Mother of the Bride, the others refer to the rest of the parental units-Father of the Groom, Mother of the Groom and Father of the Bride. Note: Most parents do not like being referenced this way.

BM, FG, RB, GM, these are the others participants in the wedding party-the BM is interchangeable between Bridesmaid and Best Man, so be specific when referencing, the others refer to wee ones-Ring Bearer and Flower Girl.  The last one while also a brand of car means Groomsmen.

E-Session, Some couples decide to take pictures before the wedding in a fun, casual way, these are often referred to as engagement pictures, and the E-session is where this occurs.  This article about a groom and an engagement session is pretty funny.

Trash The Dress, this is not what the catty ladies at table 19 are saying about the brides dress. Instead it is a way to wear your dress one more time for fun pictures that may include, walking the lakefront, sitting on a L-train or other ways of “trashing” your dress and bonus you get really COOL pics for your album.

DOC, Ahh the DOC the one that will make all of your wedding stresses go away, and not by telling you to take two aspirin and call me in the morning.  A DOC or Day of Coordinator is a person hired to oversee your big day.  In reality there aren’t any true DOC’s no one would be able to handle your wedding coordination stepping in that day.  Instead your DOC is more aptly named a Wedding Day Manager (WDM). The WDM may work with you the last few months or weeks leading up to your wedding.  Every wedding should have a WDM so the bride, the groom, the MOB, FOB, MOG, FOG, MOH and BM etc can enjoy the wedding that day.

It’s your turn to share with us your favorite wedding vocabulary words, and your definition of them.

Till Next Time I Hope Your Next Special Event is a Red Letter Day (RLD)!



Wedding Dress Trends 2012

Impending nuptials have brides-to-be and those in her circle wondering about the latest bridal fashions. We’ve captured several of these key design trends and trend options below. Consider marking up your magazines or creating a pinterest board on the specific design elements that strike your fancy.

Do Hue Know
…that color gains momentum this year? Not just for bridesmaid dresses, color lets the bride show her personality and style in a way that is uniquely her. As alternative neutrals to traditional white and ivory, Vera Wang’s 2012 Fall collection showcases black and creamy beige. For the less traditional, how about Pantone 2012 color of the year, Tangerine Tango? Coral shades traditionally flatter most, regardless of skin tone.

How about a selection in the bride’s “signature color” that sets off those gorgeous peepers like no other? To create a cohesive look with the bridal party, consider bridesmaid dresses in two to three shades lighter or darker than the wedding gown. The Red Letter crystal ball says we will likely be seeing even more color from designers in the next couple of years.

Feeling Flirty
2012 loves ruffles! A little or a lot, ruffles add a bit of flirt and flair to the bride’s attire. We’re seeing just a dash of ruffles as sleeves and cascading ruffles Functional as well, ruffles in the right places can play up or disguise “this and that” to flatter any figure.

Got Great Gams?
It’s a fine time to show a little leg in styles that highlight a variety of asymmetrical hemlines and leg-bearing stitching. We’re seeing ball gowns that reveal just a peek from toe to knee and sheath silhouettes with thigh-high slits. What a great way to show off your spectacular wedding shoes!

Something Extra on Top
Cap sleeves and off-the-shoulder straps reign on the latest bridal fashion runways. Sleeve choices are so varied that there is something sure to fit every taste, be it a thin gathering of lace at the shoulder to quarter- and full-length arm coverage. Not a bad choice for a bride who wants to show off (or cover) her arms in the most flattering way.


Take a Bow
We’re seeing bows of all shapes and sizes displayed in a variety of ways: the sweet charm of subtle little bows; large bows that serve as a one-shoulder strap; multiple bows in a cascade down the skirt, and colored tied ribbons around the waist that can create unity with the rest of the bridal party colors and accessories.

Lovely in Lace
A nod to generations past, designers are putting a new spin on traditional lace, making it fresh and timely. Do you treasure having an heirloom lace dress that isn’t quite your style? Pay homage to the sentiment and turn something old in to something new by taking a swatch of lace and adding it to cap sleeves, an illusion neckline, or a short cape. Like lace but not sure about it on the dress? Consider lace overlays on shoes or accessories, a modest way to add the look of lace’s refined elegance.

The Bottom Line

Of course there is no right or wrong decision in selecting the perfect gown. The emphasis should first and foremost be about a bride feeling her best on her special day. We all feel our best when our style and personality in our appearance shines through, so take the trends with a grain of salt. Have fun trying on the latest styles as well as the trends that may seem out of your comfort zone, even if it’s just for laughs. Come on, this is the time! When you see yourself reflected back in the mirror in a gown that seems to exemplify your essence, you’ll simply know you’ve found “the one”.

Till Next Time I Hope Your Next Special Event is a Red Letter Day!