I think it is Pintastic! Pink Gold Wedding and Engagement Ring Trend

Blake Lively was sporting one late last year, and I predict the Pink Gold jewelry trend is here to stay. Pink gold is made of an alloy of yellow gold and copper, the more copper added the deeper the pink or rose color of the gold.  We have been pinning some really beautiful examples of this unique metal combination give a peek and let us know, do you think Pink Gold is Pintastic?

Blake Lively’s beautiful Pink Gold ring.


This ring is simple but the rose gold really allows the center diamond to stand out.


This wedding band would complement the above ring but could also be worn as a stand alone.

The contrast of the chocolate diamonds and white diamonds makes this stunning.

Black diamonds are rare, and this is ring is a statement piece for the unconventional bride.

If you aren’t ready to commit to a lifetime of Pink Gold then consider wearing this bracelet on your Wedding Day, it would be a gorgeous accent piece to any wedding dress.

 Till Next Time. I Hope Your Next Special Event is a Red Letter Day!