I think it’s Pintastic-Pink Feather Wedding Clutch

There are times when something just catches your eye.  I fell in love with this Kate Spade pink feather clutch called belle elliana (how fab is that name)  the minute I saw it on Pinterest.

It has been repinned over 20 times.  I felt this beautiful, unique accessory could be the centerpiece for a wedding style  so I created this inspiration board.  If you are interested in purchasing the clutch you can buy it at Nordstroms.

Pale Pink Wedding Inspiration Board

What do you think, is this clutch cause for inspiration? Do you like this pale pink wedding palette or is too feminine? We want to know your thoughts, share below.

Till Next Time, I hope your next Special Event is a Red Letter Day!


I think it is Pintastic! Pink Gold Wedding and Engagement Ring Trend

Blake Lively was sporting one late last year, and I predict the Pink Gold jewelry trend is here to stay. Pink gold is made of an alloy of yellow gold and copper, the more copper added the deeper the pink or rose color of the gold.  We have been pinning some really beautiful examples of this unique metal combination give a peek and let us know, do you think Pink Gold is Pintastic?

Blake Lively’s beautiful Pink Gold ring.


This ring is simple but the rose gold really allows the center diamond to stand out.


This wedding band would complement the above ring but could also be worn as a stand alone.

The contrast of the chocolate diamonds and white diamonds makes this stunning.

Black diamonds are rare, and this is ring is a statement piece for the unconventional bride.

If you aren’t ready to commit to a lifetime of Pink Gold then consider wearing this bracelet on your Wedding Day, it would be a gorgeous accent piece to any wedding dress.

 Till Next Time. I Hope Your Next Special Event is a Red Letter Day!

















I think it is Pintastic-Unusual Christmas Color Palettes

I love the holidays, and all it entails especially  the decorating but you can only do so much with green and red.  Have a little fun with your holiday color palettes. I found these great combos on Pinterest and I think they are Pintastic!

This palette incorporates traditional red but gives it a punch with a dark fuchsia, sophisticated white and a touch of bright green.

Who wouldn’t want to attend this glam holiday gala, this shows anything goes (even Chartreuse) colorwise during the holidays

And for those that still have that traditional streak, you can always pair true red with a whimsical lime green to give a fresh look to the holiday.

Those are our favorite unexpected Christmas palettes, what colors are you decorating with this season?


Till Next Time I Hope Your Next Special Event (or Holiday) is a Red Letter Day!


I think it is Pintastic-Unfrosted Wedding Cakes

I LOVE cake, frosting, not so much. That is why I love the idea of the unfrosted wedding cake, so much so that I have been pinning every one I can find to my Sweets and Cake board.  Here are my favorites and I think they are Pintastic, what do you think do you love or hate this trend?


Source: merrybrides.tumblr.com via Robyn on Pinterest


Till Next Time I Hope Your Next Special Event is a Red Letter Day

It’s Pintastic! Floor-length Bridesmaids Dresses

Knee-length bridesmaid dresses have been a go-to for weddings of the past few seasons – until now. Floor-length dresses for the bridesmaids are popping up everywhere, especially on Pinterest!

By matching the length with the bride, floor-length dresses maintain the symmetry of a bridal party line. They create a clean line and the guest’s eyes won’t be drawn to the legs or shoes of the bridesmaids. This can be particularly important for photos and the general look of a wedding at the altar. If you’re like me, symmetry is everything!

Floor-length dresses are flattering for almost all body types. This is especially true if they are an A-line design, which allows for maximum comfort and movement. Comfort is key at weddings, but of course we don’t want to sacrifice looking great either. That’s why a floor-length dress has you covered – it’s a perfectly classic look that keeps everyone looking sleek, slim, and comfortable at the same time.

Floor-length dresses solve a few problems too:

  • They elongate even the shortest of bridesmaids
  • Bridesmaids won’t have to show their legs – which we all know some women can be picky about. Who wants to blind the guests and photographer with pasty legs in a wintertime wedding?!
  • They save each bridesmaid from the daunting search for identical shoes since their feet won’t be showing

Floor-length dresses are very versatile when it comes to how formal a wedding is. They work for black tie of course, or they can create a relaxed, flowing, or beachy look for more casual weddings. Maxi dresses are hot right now and can be dressed up or dressed down – just like these bridesmaid dresses!

Long dresses make ombre easy and  more of a statement. These fun looks don’t have to be confined to shorter dresses, any look still works fabulously with a floor-length dress!


The floor-length bridesmaid dress is a trend I love right now and its Pintastic!  Readers, do you like the long bridesmaid look? Why or why not?

Till next time I hope your next special event is a Red Letter Day!


I think it is Pintastic-Summer Party Drinks

As the temperature heats up, you may feel it is the right time to have a soiree on your deck or patio.  Instead of going with the full bar, consider serving two or three summer cocktails.  Here are two of my favorite via Pinterest, as you can see they are both easy and delish.

Tequila over lime sorbet-Instant Margarita-bonus if you rim the glasses with salt

Champagne mixed with fresh strawberry puree


We want to know what is your go to summer hosting cocktail and will you try one of these at your next party?

Till Next Time I Hope Your Next Special Event is a Red Letter Day

It’s Pintastic!-Neon Color Palette

This week we explore my Things I Love from any Category board on Pinterest–  this board features random concepts, ideas, or just plain pretty that catches my fancy.

This neon color palette while recalling the 80’s is sophisticated and exudes energy.
















So how best to use these bright, intense colors?


How about dressing up a tablescape, adding a piece of accent furniture or sporting a hot pink handbag with a black and white ensemble.



















We want to know if you think this neon color palette is as Pintastic as I do. Repin and share!


Till Next Time I Hope your Next Special Event is a Red Letter Day