Top 3 Maid of Honor lessons from “Bridesmaids”

Last week I saw the movie Bridesmaids. The main movie plot revolves around the relationship between the Bride, Lillian and her best friend and Maid of Honor, Annie.

Image from Bridesmaids movie As I watched the movie, I thought of how the job of Maid of Honor is so important but can be difficult.  As a result I put together these top 3 tips from the movie for the current and future Maid of Honor’s out there.

1) Be organized. The Bride may need your help coordinating dress appointments or get togethers with the other bridesmaids.  In the movie, Annie shows up with the whole bridal party at a dress shop without an appointment and is told they cannot see any dresses.  This sets up a funny scene in the movie but in real life this would be a very embarrassing scenario for the Maid of Honor and the Bride.  If you don’t have a date/calendar book get one, google calendar is a great option as well.

2) Stay Calm The bride to be will have a ton of stresses, with family issues and with all the decisions she has to make as she takes this important step in her life. As Maid of Honor it your job to be drama free and take stress off the bride.  Be a sounding board and shoulder for her to lean on.  In the movie, Annie complains to the bride Lillian, about petty issues and she definitely brings MAJOR drama to every situation, which is good for a movie but not for real life.  Keep your complaints to yourself and let the bride enjoy herself with all aspects of the wedding planning.

3) Friendship is one of the strongest bonds All relationships have ups and downs but the bond of friendship between a Maid of Honor and a Bride will survive less than flattering dresses and other bridesmaids that you don’t get along with.  In the movie, Annie is the only one the bride, Lillian listens to when she gets cold feet right before the wedding.When Annie tells her everything will work out, she trusts her and goes on to have a beautiful wedding with her Maid of Honor standing right beside her. Annie tells the bride, Lillian “You are the one that is blazing the trail for me, so I will know what to expect”

Brides-treat your Maid of Honor like gold and you will be repaid in platinum.

Maid of Honor’s-Follow these 3 lessons from a cute, romantic comedy to forge a life long friendship.

Did you see Bridesmaids? Do you think these lessons hold true? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Till next time I hope your next event is a Red Letter Day