Small weddings make a big impact.

The effects of Coronavirus are resonating around the wedding world. There may be a need to adapt to some new realities for a while.  One of which may be smaller guest counts. I have always been a fan of smaller, intimate weddings.  It allows you as a couple to interact with all your guests, and direct budgets toward incredible, exquisite detail.  Imagine throwing the most epic dinner party for your closest friends and family, that is what an intimate wedding is. 

Smaller weddings are still WEDDINGS.  There are vows, often wedding parties, cocktail hours, toasts, cake cutting, first dances, everything is on a smaller scale. IF you want to do all the traditional things, smaller weddings also give you a license to have a less traditional wedding.  You can also to be more creative, don’t want a big wedding cake, how about individual cakes at each table, don’t want to do a first dance? Have a dance instructor lead a group dance instead! Many think smaller guest count weddings are only for Caribbean elopements, but Red Letter Event Planning has planned and coordinated many intimate weddings, right here in the Inland Northwest

Remember, smaller does not necessarily mean simple.  These weddings have as many or more moving parts as larger weddings.  You should still hire professional vendors to execute your day. Having a wedding planner is also crucial to ensure every intimate detail is designed and implemented correctly. 

Here are some look backs at some smaller guest count weddings we have done and more details behind them.

Sarah and Eric

Guest Count: Less than 25

This wedding was over the top gorgeous.  Each detail was meticulous, from the acrylic place cards to the decorated chairs.  Guests were treated to a cocktail hour on a boat around Hayden Lake.  The setup for dinner was one large table draped in flowers overlooking the mountains.  Fireworks capped off the evening.

Janine and Derek

Guest Count: 60

The blank space of the winery was transformed into a magical ceremony space using lounge furniture and candles. 

Anna and Bryce

Location: Twin Lakes Village

Guest Count:  70

This wedding was about FUN. We had a champagne table to greet guests, a food truck serving up burgers and fries, and guests invited to eat where they wanted, round tables, cocktail tables, or around the corn hole game.  When Anna described her vision, she said she wanted it to be a fun, outdoor picnic, so much so they served rice Krispies treats for dessert!

Ali and Tyler

Guest Count: 75

Ali and Tyler had three weddings, yes you read that right, they had gotten married three times! Once legally, where they lived in London, then again among Ali’s extended family in Vietnam and finally in Coeur d’Alene Idaho.  This wedding was a destination for everyone and was at the end of the day was a PARTY! 

Bailey and Kyle

Guest Count 65

Bailey and Kyle’s wedding had a non-traditional spin as they chose not to have a wedding party, but did have pictures with their new puppy (which I highly recommend doing if you have a furkid).  Each plate at the wedding was adorned with a red carnation. Filling the vast space of the Hagadone Event Center for a smaller wedding was a challenge, but their sweetheart table, a large farm table, made a statement.

I hope this look at smaller weddings makes you less hesitant to downsize your guest list. As you can see, intimate weddings can be amazing. Each of these weddings reflected the couple’s personality and style with a memorable guest experience.