You are engaged! Here are 5 dont’s before your I do’s

Engagement season is in full swing!  Even the Royals are getting into the act this year (who is as excited about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as I am?)

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Photo by Park Road Photography of a Ritani engagement ring 

So sit down with a glass of champagne, admire that pretty ring on your finger and follow these 5 dont’s to start your planning off right.  You do not want to be overwhelmed with the to do’s before your I do’s

1) Don’t go dress shopping until you have set your date and your venue, your dress style, length and material should match the whole feel of your wedding.  A lakeside ceremony calls for a different dress than one in a cathedral.  Make sure your dress reflects you but also the style of your wedding. 

Photo by Zach Mathers Photography of a Vera Wang wedding dress

2) Don’t start planning without first setting a comfortable budget. Are you and your fiancée paying for everything yourself or will you have help from your parents? Knowing what your budget is will make planning less stressful.  Even Harry and Meghan have a budget (albeit a big one) having a realistic budget will help you determine your next step, priorities.  For reference, the average wedding in the United States has a budget of $35,000.  


3) Don’t make everything a priority.  Sit down with your fiancée and put together a list of 1-2 priorities for your wedding, is it farm to table food, a fab band, or beautiful flowers? Once you know what you really want it makes divvying up your budget much easier.  Your priorities are what is important not your mom’s priorities or your best friend’s, make sure that you are having the wedding you and your partner want.

Photo by Karissa Roe Photography of colorful wedding flowers

4) Don’t sweat the small stuff (especially early on) details come together once you have the big picture in place.  This is not the time to worry about color schemes or what fonts to use on your invitation.  First, set your date, venue and time, then put together your guest list, set your budget and priorities. Once these are done details will find their place in your grand plan. Pinterest can be helpful but can also be overwhelming, don’t create a board right away, instead, think about what YOU like.  If bright colors and gold silverware are your thing, then go for it, don’t let pictures from other weddings with “trends” influence your decisions unless they reflect who you are.

Photo by Matt Shumate Photography of the Red Letter Event Planning team at a wedding

5) Don’t go it alone.  Hire a professional wedding a planner for full planning or wedding management. A planner has done many weddings, you will only do one.  Use their expertise to maintain your budget and make sure you are on track for the best day of your life!  Your wedding planner will be your confidant, advocate and organizer.   A wedding planner will not “take over” your wedding, they will listen to your priorities, work within your budget and design and style a wedding that reflects you as a couple, all while being your advocate with vendors and even sometimes your mother in law. (Can you imagine having to please the Queen of England?)

Just like there is an engagement season, there is also a wedding season in the Inland Northwest.  The majority of weddings are between Memorial Day-Labor Day.  Make sure you book your vendors early if you are getting married in Coeur d’Alene, Spokane or Sandpoint!
Red Letter Event Planning still has some prime summer dates available, contact us today to find out how we can make your wedding a “Red Letter Day”

Congratulations on your engagement and happy planning!